In collaboration with JTB Japan Travel Corp and Keio Department Store Co Ltd, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo now offers guests the opportunity to rent an authentic Japanese yukata (casual kimono) as well as traditional geta shoes, kanzashi ornamental hair combs and kinchaku handbags.

Guests can not only wear the full attire within the hotel grounds, where staff will be on hand to cover all photography needs, but they are also able to extend the experience to various destinations outside of the hotel. Targeted at international guests who currently account for around 75 percent of the hotel’s business, the service aims to fulfil the growing desire of overseas visitors wanting to experience Japanese culture.

This is not the only service that the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has geared towards customer satisfaction, with other offerings including a Japanese wedding kimono experience, live Japanese harp performances, Japanese craft exhibitions and traditional tea ceremonies. The Japanese yukata experience was created as a direct response to the popularity of their wedding kimono service, offering a more casual way to try traditional Japanese fashion.