Sri Lanka Mountains (Ramboda, Nuwaro Eliya)

RMS, the fastest growing cloud Property Management Solutions provider in the world, has announced that it has secured another group customer, Hotel Technology & Services Group (HTSG). HTSG specialises in services for quality, small boutique hotels and luxury villas across Sri Lanka.

“HTSG provides a unique offering for this niche-end of the market and we are thrilled to be the chosen for turn-key PMS, POS, Channel Manager and IBE powering its website. This partnership further expands the footprint RMS has in the Sri Lankan Hospitality sector,” said RMS’s President Global Sales, Paul Blahuta.

HTSG was set-up by a seasoned team of industry professionals to level the playing field for small-inventory and independent owner/operators of boutique hotels and villas.

“We are delighted that our first offering is with RMS from Australia, with their world-class PMS. We selected RMS from a number of players in the global industry due to their ease of use, range of functionality and commitment to a cloud-based roadmap,”said HTSG Head of Operations, Anton Thayala.

By partnering with key technology players in the global industry and offering the technologies on a usage basis, HTSG now fills a vital gap in the market for these important, and often iconic, tourist accommodation in Sri Lanka.

“With the rapid development of hospitality industry technologies, a hotel’s success is now profoundly linked to how effectively they use real-time reservation and property management functions, social media integration, mobile connectivity and multi-channel bookings,” said Neroy Marso, CEO of HTSG. “For smaller–inventory properties, in particular, tapping into their true revenue and business potential can be a challenge as they don’t have economies of scale to take advantage of these technologies. Now the cost of using a world-class system such as RMS is well within reach.”

RMS has over 35 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry with over 5,000 properties across the globe in 25 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices across the globe, RMS continues to grow – expanding its hotel chain customer base with HTML5 RMS for the Hospitality sector.

For information about RMS visit www.rmscloud.com.au/hotels

More information about HTSG can be found www.htsg.lk