Suidma Hotels & Resorts have introduced a new initiative – a gingerbread house with a twist – one that guests and staff have a hand in building and decorating.

Unveiled on Friday 17 November, Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel staff have built a large wooden house, and are offering guests the opportunity to buy a gingerbread tile for $5 each, and decorate it in a colour of their choice. All proceeds are going directly to Make-A-Wish.

The first gingerbread tile was placed on Friday 17 November by Sudima Hotels & Resorts owner and CEO Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala and Merinika Ryder and Briar Jones of Make-A-Wish.

The gingerbread house is able to be covered in 550 gingerbread bricks, which will mean that a total of $2,750 (at $5 per brick) will be donated to Make-A-Wish once the house is complete.

This gingerbread house fundraiser initiative was an innovative idea by the Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel team, as a way to support Sudima Hotels & Resorts’ official charity partner during the Christmas season.

The wooden structure for the house was constructed by the Sudima Auckland Airport team and will be deconstructed after Christmas, to be used again next year.