Launched in New Zealand in August 2017, Vegepod is a new gardening system that allows users to grow vegetables in any space. Designed in Australia, the self-watering vegetable garden protects your veggies from pests and harsh weather with its easy access mesh canopies. With an irrigation system in the special mesh canopy, the Vegepod also has a reservoir tank that collects rain water under the soil. “The self-watering means the garden can take care of itself and takes 80 per cent less water than a normal vegetable garden,” said company director Lisa Lowe. “They will rarely need watering; what rain there is will fill the reservoirs, continuing to recycle valuable nutrients from your soil. If extra water is required, the mist spray irrigation in the cover can be turned on.”

Eco-climate covers extend the growing season and accelerate plant growth. “The cover also keeps the plants warm creating a greenhouse effect so you can grow all year round. Even lettuces can be grown in the middle of winter,” she added. No need for pesticides and chemicals as the special mesh helps eliminate weeds.

Vegepods can be used anywhere from the backyard, to balconies, decks and rooftops. They are easy to assemble and are available in three sizes; Small 0.5m x 1m, Medium 1m x 1m, and Large 1m x 2m. Optional stands and wheel trolleys raise your garden to waist height and make your Vegepod mobile. “Adding the wheels makes it easy to move the garden position which is handy if you only have a small patio or deck.”

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