For the hotel industry, customer satisfaction and brand image has never been more important. With high customer expectations, countless accommodation options and the availability of online feedback, you don’t want to fall short in any facilities. One of your key facilities is the gym. Guests pay a premium rate for their rooms and expect the best, so why not offer the best in your gym?

Gyms are a well-known breeding ground for germs and bacteria and therefore attract a high level of scrutiny from guests. Current cleaning practises are adequate, but for customers, adequate often isn’t good enough.

Offshoot, a New Zealand-owned and operated company is a premium supplier of gym, hand and surface wipes who have been providing consumables for the last five years. “We started looking at the wet wipe industry just over a year ago, and found there was nothing on the market that made it easy for the gym users to wipe down equipment, while still providing the antibacterial protection that they have come to expect,” said Offshoot owner Wesley Binedell. “People are becoming more and more aware of where they pick up germs, so we are delighted to be able to offer a wet wipe solution that ticks all the boxes.”

Offshoot’s wipes are 100 percent plastics recyclable, alcohol free, have a refreshing lemon scent and are accredited for both C31 (surface cleaner) and C44 (sanitiser wipes). They kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with their sanitising power maintaining effectiveness for up to 30 days after application. They are safe to use on equipment and non-porous surfaces.

Wipes are far more effective and tidier than a spray bottle and paper towel combination, as quite often gym users simply cannot be bothered. The wipes, when used in conjunction with the innovative wall mounted Wipepod Dispenser, put cleaning and sanitising front of mind for users, ensuring the equipment is cleaned in the correct way. These dispensers can hold 1,250 wipes, are easy to install, highly visible, keyless and can be personalised with a hotel’s branding.

Customers expect a consistent quality of service across all facilities and this is essential for maintaining brand image. The WipePod brings a premium level of hygiene to the gym and delivers it in a simple and effective system. All this leads to increased customer satisfaction.

The Wipepod system is already installed in leading hotels and gyms locally and internationally. From a hotel’s point of view, it’s about providing the best experience possible from the moment your guests walk through your doors to the moment they leave. “For a hotel it’s a relatively small touch which is often overlooked but for the customer, it shows an extra level of care which they will love.” said Offshoot business development manager Jordan Hills.