The Artic Bath Hotel is set to open in Kiruna, northern Lapland later this year. The futuristic retreat that resembles a pile of wood, floats on the Lule River during the summer and throughout the winter sits surrounded by ice and snow. Designed by the geniuses who brought you the TreeHotel, Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi this contemporary hotel will leave guests streamed and buffed to perfection.

The central open air  hub of the hotel is home to an Artic plunge pool that is heated to a cool 4 degrees Celsius. The Hotel features several steaming saunas, a hot tub, a range of luxurious spa treatments, a restaurant and lounge, as well as offers various water activities. The eco-friendly retreat is home to six separate floating overnight rooms designed in a Swedish minimalist style complete with log fire and constructed with extra-large windows to champion the phenomenal Northern Lights. With a total capacity of only 12 guests, the wellness retreat allows for guests to have total peace and isolation during their stay.

With the exact opening date yet to be announced but a growing waiting list, this eagerly awaited hotel is rumoured to be opening its doors mid to late 2018.