Airbnb is setting its sights on the big hotel chains. The company has announced that it will expand beyond shared accommodations into a legitimate travel company. As part of the expansion, the company will offer access to luxury hotels and properties as well as provide a loyalty programme for guests.

The expansion includes four new search categories to help guests look through the 4.5 million properties listed on the site. Vacation home, unique space, B&B and boutique will all be added to the site to assist guests in finding the ideal place to stay.

A superguest loyalty programme will launch as part of the expansion. The programme will reward regular and high rated customers with benefits such as; lounge access, airport pickups, flight upgrades, and discounts.

Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb will also be added in an attempt to attract high-end luxury customers. Airbnb Plus homes will be personally inspected for design, cleanliness and comfort, and will come complete with a dedicated support team. Beyond by Airbnb will offer high-end properties that will include optional concierge services.

In 2016 the company started offering Experiences, allowing companies to provide excursions, workshops and experiences.