Ready Player One is a shout out to every good film and video game from the 80’s. The list of famous cameos is endless, from the Iron Giant to old-school Street Fighter characters there is something for everyone in this movie.

The movie is set in 2045 and follows orphan Wade Watts as he navigates life in a dystopian over-crowded town in Ohio. As a means of escape, the world has turned to virtual reality, more specifically the Oasis, a virtual world where you can be anyone, and anything is possible. The creator of the Oasis has left a key hidden somewhere inside the world that guarantees control of the Oasis and awards the holder a tone of cash.

This movie is a special effects extravaganza, with mind-blowing scenes made all the better with appearances from some of your favourite characters. The scenes that take place outside of the Oasis are what lets the movie down. The interactions between characters are rushed, and supporting characters aren’t given enough time to shine.

However, the movie is made to hero the spectacle of virtual reality, and in that sense, it mind-blowingly succeeds.