The 2017 financial year has exceeded all of Resort Brokers New Zealand’s expectations. With the final two transactions being settled before the end of March, the total gross sales value eclipsed the previous financial year result. The injection of fresh faces into the company over the last eight months has revitalised and re-energised the team.

“We are proud that we can demonstrate a comparative advantage over our competitors and provide unique and valuable services that promote sales at the best possible prices in the most realistic timeframes,” said Wayne Keene, director. “These points of difference are confirmed by our exceptional sales results – they do work! Our nationwide team are bolstered with the success, are enthusiastic about our advanced tools of trade and are keen to take on new assignments so they can put these tools to use and get favourable outcomes for their clients.”

Resort Brokers is also welcoming the newest member, Peter Smithies, to the team. Smithies has over 20 years’ experience in real estate and six years operating a management rights business. Smithies currently resides in Dunedin and will also cover the Deep South. He hasn’t wasted any time taking advantage of the Resort Brokers systems and is already seeing the benefit of working with two other brokers with deals in excess of $3m.

As part of the Resort Brokers annual conference last week, the company honoured a number of their staff:

Salesperson of the year: Brent Hannah

Rookie of the year: Joachim Hogefjord

Milestones achievement:

Paul Sanson

Simon Haslett

Kamal Sharma

Brent Hannah