Man using his phone.
Travelers from the Asia Pacific region are more likely to book tickets on their phones than on a desktop.

US travel data specialists, Sojern, teamed up with Google to release a report about the location and habits of travellers searching about New Zealand and Australia.

The report showed 56 percent of travel queries from the Asia Pacific region came from mobile devices, and 43 percent of other travellers used their phones. Furthermore, travellers from the Asia Pacific region were more likely to book tickets on their mobiles, whereas travellers from further afar were more likely to switch to a desktop to buy tickets.

The most likely days to book tickets were Monday and Tuesday, with the weekends being the lowest days. The device used to make purchases remained consistent across all days of the week.

The data showed great diversity in the places of origin for these travel enquiries. United Kingdom, United States, and Germany made up three of the top five countries searching about travel options down under, with fellow Asia Pacific countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea also showing significant interest.