Jucy opens ‘pod hotel’ in Queenstown

Jucy pod bunk beds

Tourism operator Jucy has opened a ‘pod style’ hotel in downtown Queenstown.
Newly opened Jucy Snooze is an affordable accommodation choice within walking distance from the central Queenstown bars and shops. It packs 276 beds, mostly with pod rooms fitting eight people in a bunk bed style configuration. The hotel also includes private bedrooms with their own bathrooms which come at a steeper price.

A surge of tourists visiting Queenstown in recent years has led to a shortage of available beds, creating a demand for accommodation like Jucy Snooze.

“In February this year, hotel occupancy rates in the area were at 94 percent and supply shortages have led to price increases. The last thing we want to see is this impacting on the country’s reputation among international tourists,” Jucy Chief Executive Tim Alpe said.

The hotel is not only aimed at budget-tourists but also short-term workers, as rental prices are also on the rise due to the tourism boom. It will employ around 30 local staff members and plans to grow the concept nationally as well as in Australia.