Sudima Auckland Airport

Sudima Hotels & Resorts has announced it will become the first hotel chain in New Zealand to phase out all single-use plastics.

Removing all single-use plastics from a hotel is not an easy feat; water bottles, shower caps, coffee stirrers, bin liners, washing bags and other complementary products are all fundamental to most hotels. Sudima will have to find alternative ways to stock these products and ensure guests can still enjoy all the essential amenities. Sudima has set 2020 as a target date to have fully phased out single-use plastics.

“We are keen to establish what the industry benchmark looks like for reducing or eliminating single-use plastics. It can be overwhelming when thinking about making a big change like this one, but by setting a target and making small changes every day, we hope to set an example so that other organisations will follow suit,” said Sudima Hotels & Resorts Environment and Social Advocate Vedika Jhunjhnuwala.

Recently Sudima became the first group of hotels in New Zealand to discontinue using plastic straws.