Real Madrid lifts the Champions League, 2017.
Fans of Real Madrid and Liverpool will have to either pay thousands for a hotel room or find an alternative for the upcoming Champions League final in Kiev.

Guests wanting to stay in Kiev overnight for the upcoming Champions League Final will have to pay a lot more than expected. In the Ukraine capital of Kiev, hotels are facing backlash for raising the prices of rooms over 100 times the standard cost. Budget one-room hotel suites in the area are charging 3,500 Euros (NZD 6,000) for one nights’ stay.

Furthermore, many guests who had previously booked a night’s stay at hotels before the price spike have found their bookings annulled or told they ‘never existed’.

The problem is so widespread in the city that the tournament’s governing body, UEFA, had to release a statement about the situation, suggesting it would be wisest for attendees to visit Kiev just for the day.

The booking nightmare is happening to fans of both sides, with both Spanish and English outlets reporting significant booking issues.

A Liverpool FC supporters club suggested to its members to consider booking an overnight stay in the Polish city of Wroclaw, rather than battle out for a bed in Kiev.

Local Ukrainian football fans have provided some aid, offering up couches and spare beds to struggling visitors on a Facebook group that already has over 5,000 members.