Castello Estense towers in Ferrera., Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has been named the most exciting European destination in Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 Awards. Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 list is compiled annually by the company’s European travel experts.

Emilia-Romagna has been awarded the top spot in for European destinations this year. The region’s reputation is quickly carving out a reputation for itself as a prime spot for food lovers. It is the birthplace of balsamic vinegar, ragù, Parmesan cheese and many other legendary dishes and ingredients. The ancient canyons at Po Valley and the Apennine Mountains are two stunning natural features in the region that should not be missed.

The Spanish region Cantabria followed closely at second on the list. Cantabria features wild land, sandy beaches, mist-shrouded mountains and enchanting villages.

“There is growing concern over the increase in tourism to popular European destinations, particularly over the busy summer months, so with this list, we wanted to show that there are a wealth of incredible alternatives to discover across Europe,” Lonely Planet editorial director, Tom Hall said.

The top ten destinations in Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 are:
1. Emilia-Romagna, Italy
2. Cantabria, Spain
3. Friesland, the Netherlands
4. Kosovo
5. Provence, France
6. Dundee, Scotland
7. Small Cyclades, Greece
8. Vilnius, Lithuania
9. Vipava Valley, Slovenia
10. Tirana, Albania