Unismart uniforms worn by hotel staff.

First impressions are so important, especially in the hotel industry. This is where Unismart stands apart as a market leading online uniform store that assists you to create a uniform that delivers a positive first impression, true to your brand.

It takes guests only a few seconds to pass judgement on the hotel or restaurant they are visiting. Unismart helps hotel staff look sharp and presentable with an extensive range of uniform options available.

Whether your environment is casual, boutique or formal, staff uniforms are fundamental in accurately representing your brand to your customers. Uniforms show what kind of company you are and help your staff project a professional image. Unismart offers many options for the various roles in the industry, including cleaners, chefs, wait staff through to front-of-house and corporate.

Uniforms are a smart and simple way to set staff apart, so they are easily identifiable to the guests. Having distinct uniforms with a company logo and name is the perfect way to ensure this is achieved while maintaining a high standard of dress.

Unismart has an in-house embroidery and printing service. This streamlines the order process and allows the clients to be part of the conversation, leaving little room for error in communication. In-house branding also gives Unismart the flexibility of doing projects of any scale, and with no minimum order requirements. For you this means fitting out new recruits or topping up existing uniforms is painless.

UniSmart loves to assist clients in making sure they can get exactly what is needed to complement your brand. Working together, Unismart can help solidify your brand identity, helping all your employees look sharp, feel great, and be an asset to your brand.

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