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Junk Run saves hotel operators time and hassle because they take care of all of your waste in a one-stop-shop solution. With one phone call, Junk Run will deal with all your waste sustainably and safely. This can also remove any health and safety risks a hotel may have otherwise faced.

Junk Run do everything possible to keep waste out of the landfill and their focus is on giving their client’s waste a new lease on life. This differs from recycling, as some recycled product can still end up in a landfill. Junk Run makes sure as much waste as possible is reused through a variety of not-for-profit partners. By using Junk Run, your waste can support great causes and you can feel good about doing the right thing.

Junk Run is a one phone call solution to remove all a hotel’s waste including construction waste and furniture removal – which Junk Run will find new homes for.

Junk Run also provides a high degree of transparency on where the waste goes. During renovations, Junk Run’s efficient waste removal service means that the construction team can carry on with the renovation or fit-out, increasing productivity, containing costs and, above all, stay safe and sustainable.

Junk Run trucks also save on valuable room, so they are a perfect solution for tight spaces, or multi-level buildings when you can’t fit a skip in.

Hotels can make a real difference by using Junk Run and putting their waste to work helping those in their communities. Use Junk Run and avoid the skip bin altogether because that literally does go straight to landfill.

Remember, one phone call is all it takes to receive a hassle-free service and great value price. Call Junk Run on 021 586 544 or email