Hotel room with Streamvision IPTV technology.

Internet Protocol Television involves the delivery of television content across data networks. The technology has been widely used in commercial sites to distribute live TV video-on-demand and multimedia content. Hotels and motels are ideal candidates to benefit from IPTV.

Streamvision offers a range of IPTV services and options for hotels of all sizes, including:
● IPTV Solutions with Hospitality Grade Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes
● Screen Sharing Technologies
● Digital Signage Solutions
● LED Walls/ Video Walls
● High-Speed Internet Access
● Streaming to Mobile Devices
● Video-On-Demand
● Customised Compendiums
● Meeting Room Signage
● Dynamic Menu Boards

There are some common misconceptions about IPTV that float around. The first is that content and channels are streamed directly from the internet. This often raises concerns regarding the venue’s bandwidth. However, the name IPTV is misleading in this sense, because TV channels are still received locally and converted to IPTV compatible streams, which are then distributed across the local network, as opposed to being streamed over the internet as the name may suggest. Content like movies are uploaded to an independent local server on the site and streamed locally without affecting the venue’s bandwidth.

There is also the belief that IPTV is expensive. At one point in time, this was true. IPTV was initially presented as a high-cost item when compared to traditional analogue television solutions. Technology, as it is, continually improves and now IPTV is more affordable than ever, making IPTV a viable option for venues of all sizes. Streamvision can provide a solution for venues of any size, so long as the site has 20 screens or more, meaning they can service small motels all the way through to properties with more than 1000+ screens. Staying up-to-date with technology is very important in the hotel industry, and Streamvision understands that better than anybody.

Streamvision supplies leading-edge solutions and content through its local development and support teams, maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and developing and enhancing its products. Streamvision’s IPTV service also gives hotels the ability to deliver marketing messages or announcements. This gives clients the opportunity to directly message singular and collective TVs, scheduled messaging, the ability to offer promotions and marketing tabs on screens, banner advertising on the digital concierge system and screen, and also on digital signage throughout the building. Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of Streamvision’s solutions. Streamvision works together with its clients to identify targets and goals. This allows them to perfectly tailor a solution that caters towards all aspects of guest entertainment services. Streamvision’s IPTV solution also gives venues the chance to make more revenue than possible in other systems. The team will talk to you about how the system can work for your venue, targeting different things for different clients.

Clients control their system, letting them market and promote services, which creates new and unexpected revenue streams. Inform guests of your available amenities using the IPTV system through its digital compendium feature. Running promotional slides on an idle TV presents guests with a portal to a wealth of marketing opportunities. Providing details about dining menus, amenities, and any other special offers can make guests have an as enjoyable stay as possible.

Keep the family happy with IPTV by solving the age-old conflict of parent’s enjoying different activities to children. Connecting devices to the Wi-Fi allows guests to make individual viewing purchases, meaning you can always find something for small children to watch to keep them occupied. If the adults are watching something on TV, the kids can watch something else on their tablet.

Streamvision gives resorts, hotels and motels the opportunity to take control of its TV and guest room entertainment solutions. To find out more about Streamvision’s services call 0800 664 322 or email sales@streamvision.com.au.