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The halfway point of the year has passed and before long, the country will be turning back the clocks and summer will have arrived. Now is a good time for businesses to take stock of the first half of the year, take a look at what they could do better, and gear up for what is always a busy summer season. Comfort and cleanliness are always front-of-mind for guests, so businesses need to be sure that they are offering the best service possible. In an age where hotels can be compared with the click of a button, accommodation providers are under pressure to make a positive first impression on potential guests.


Beds are an obvious starting point. For many guests, particularly those travelling on business, this is where they’ll spend the most time. Online reviews always mention the bed, whether it be positive or negative feedback, so stay ahead of the game by making sure your beds are of a particular standard.

As the weather gets warmer so will the rooms, meaning now is the right time to take a look at how you’ll choose to keep guests cool. Air conditioning elevates a property above those fitted out with noisy and power-hungry wall-mounted fans. It is more efficient for both cooling and heating and also helps reduce condensation.

Depending on the accommodation type, kitchens may also need a refresh. Business owners need to make sure that they maintain a sleek, modern look with easy-to-clean cooktops and energy-efficient kitchenware.

Expectations surrounding technology and equipment are on the rise. Where a basic SKY package in each room was once the pinnacle of technological luxury, smart TVs with inbuilt streaming services are now the norm. High-speed WiFi is also a must. While reliable internet is a base-level need, businesses can upgrade their WiFi capacity to offer a premium service for a small additional fee. Any establishment with WiFi should be coupling that with Smart TVs. Guests expect to have what they do at home.

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The problem with upgrading, with both technology and other accommodation essentials, is that it can be expensive, especially in an age where technological progress renders equipment obsolete often in a matter of months. This is where leasing allows clients to offer their customers new, upgraded and appealing accommodation.

The benefits of leasing are obvious. The total refurbishment of a room with LeasePlus can be as low as $83 a month, which can have a flow-on effect and result in an extra $7,500 income per room per year. There is no capital sum outlay, and small monthly payments also assist with cash flow.

There’s no need to front up with a large lump sum. Low monthly payments can reap greater rewards. With LeasePlus, business owners will be pleasantly surprised to see how much can be done for a nominal monthly fee, and how these savings can translate into a higher booking rate, happier customers, improved online reviews and an increased profit line.

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