Prolific hotel architect Constantine “Costas” Kondylis has passed away, aged 78 years old. Known for his work on various projects with The Trump Organisation, Kondylis achieved great success designing all sorts of buildings in New York.

Throughout his 50-year plus career, his work didn’t go without controversy. His style was often a victim of ridicule from critics for being formulaic or for being too compromising with developers. Kondylis was renowned for being able to develop a product within budget.

Back in 2007, Kondylis told the New York Times that he acknowledged what critics said.
“I’m very interested in what architects think of my work. But that’s not what guides me. There is a suspicion among developers when you care too much. They think you’re designing for the cover of an architecture magazine,” Kondylis said.

Some of his most iconic and controversial works include Trump World Tower, the Plaza Hotel’s renovations, Silver Towers, and the Riverside South urban development. His most notable was done with his own firm Costas Kondylis and Partners before it was dissolved before starting new firm Kondylis Design in 2009.