Angled beds face towards a television.

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts has secured a patent for its WorkLife Room in the US. The luxury hotel room is designed as a place of business and pleasure, and everything in between. The “guestroom of the future” includes an angled bed and cocooning headboard that opens up more space for the room as well as a sofa nook which provides a multi-purpose space, used for reading, watching TV or just relaxing. The diagram below from the US Patent Office shows how the room is perfectly configured to work around its TV and desk spaces.

“The patent approval of the Crowne Plaza brand’s WorkLife Room is a major distinction – one that speaks to the concept’s ground-breaking design, and one that demonstrates how the Crowne Plaza brand is redefining what a hotel room can be,” said Meredith Latham, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Americas. The innovations are part of $200M brand rehaul in the Americas region, with WorkLife Rooms installed at Crowne Plaza locations in Atlanta, Denver, Farmington Hills, Cleveland, Arlington, and Springfield.