addressing negative reviews

MyGuestXP is an online platform launched to help hotel management address and possibly resolve negative guest reviews before they hit the hotel website. The MyGuestXP portal connects to hotel Wi-Fi systems and filters guest experience comments. While positive reviews are uploaded directly to online rating services, such as TripAdvisor, negative reviews are forwarded to management to address. The buffer between rating sites and hotels was designed to help hotels achieve more positive reviews on rating sites. Due to the impact negative reviews present hotels, the online platform has grown in popularity worldwide.

“If positive reviews are the lifeblood of the hotel industry, negative reviews are the kryptonite. Giving hotel operators a chance to intercede and fix negative reviews before they hit the web can be the difference between success and failure,” said Arday Ardayfio, MyGuestXP CTO.

“We were getting unfair reviews online. As soon as we implemented MyGuestXP, it gave us an opportunity to address the concerns,” said Brian Patel, owner of the Comfort Inn and Suites.