Flowers from Fabulous Faux Flowers.

Flowers have been a mainstay in hotel foyers and suites for decades. They add a dash of colour to any hotel they’re in and can help break the monotony in what are often otherwise colourless establishments. Even more than that, flowers can influence guests’ feelings. When a guest walks into a lobby an ornate selection of flowers can set the tone perfectly and assure them that not one detail will be overlooked during their stay.

However, flowers – like all living things – die. The last thing you want a guest to see in a hotel lobby is a dying pot of orchids or flowers that no one has given any attention to in days. Hotels spend exorbitant amounts of money on flowers just to make sure that there’s a fresh collection every day for guests to see when they arrive. But even after that spend, you’ll still have sneezing and sniffling customers who suffer from hay fever and pollen allergies. Furthermore, flowers bring in unwanted insects and other pests which no one wants to see in their hotel suite.

Fabulous Faux Flowers makes intricate flower arrangements to add a luxury touch to any hotel room. The twist though is that Fabulous Faux Flowers are completely artificial.

“I dare anyone to look at my flowers and tell me they don’t look real,” said Anthony Hart, owner of Fabulous Faux Flowers.

Its flowers have all the upsides and more of natural flowers, without any of the pollen, financial or animal drawbacks.

“What hotels spend in a week on flowers could last a whole year on these.”

Hart has a history with hotels, having worked as a chef at the luxury Savoy Hotel in London. Since then his entrepreneurial spirit took over, running a successful antique shop and then opening the famous Havana Cigar Shop, selling to the likes of Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This all culminated in his new creation Fabulous Faux Flowers. The idea for the shop began after he spotted a set of beautiful fake flowers in Europe. Four years ago, he went to China to source the flowers himself, and now the rest is history.

A display of intricate artificial flowers can make a great statement in a lobby or grand entrance. Fake floral arrangements look even more magnificent than a real floral selection as the artificial flowers can be intricately crafted in a way real flowers cannot be to make a majestic standout piece.

Improve your hotel’s look and cut down on wasted money with an artificial flower display from Fabulous Faux Flowers. To learn more about Fabulous Faux Flowers, call Tony on 09 361 1631 or 021 174 8393, or check out the store in Ponsonby.