Hotel room interior with TV.

Television sets have been an essential piece of a hotel living room as long as they’ve been a mainstay in residential living rooms. What was once a big chunky box that you’d plug into the wall and then setup with an antenna has changed dramatically. As TV sets have got slimmer and easier to fit into a room’s design, the content on the screen and how guests access it has changed as well.

Analogue TV was used for decades, but times have changed. By December 2013, all regions of New Zealand had ceased analogue transmissions, and the only option became digital.

“We are very fortunate in the modern age to see technologies such as television grow and offer more to its viewers.  When Streamvision started business, channels were still analogue with the majority of viewers in Australia receiving a signal via free-to-air TV antennas and satellite dishes,” said Gregory Bassine, CEO of Streamvision.

Hotels found themselves at a turning point. Paid television and Freeview were widely adopted, but new internet technologies created new demands from consumers. However, having a TV in every room streaming video content would take too much of a toll on the property’s bandwidth.

“While the reception methods haven’t differed greatly, the content certainly has. The digitisation of television has opened new opportunities for more channels, with a more diverse range of content.”

A solution which keeps guests entertained in the modern age without having too much impact on the internet is IPTV. Instead of each television individually streaming content, IPTV still receives channels on a local system but instead converts them to IPTV compatible streams which are picked up in every room. The internet bandwidth takes no hit and because movies and other content are uploaded to the local server, everything can be streamed without slowing down Wi-Fi throughout the property.

“Gone are the days of five free analogue channels on free to air, 43 channels is the new standard.  An introduction of IPTV to homes and commercial premises means an unlimited bundle of channels and services are now on offer.  It is amazing the quality and diversification of information and video content now available in our industry.”

Streamvision provides IPTV services for hotels and motels, giving guests and hotel managers the chance to take control of the TV.

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