Architects impression of the new hotel sitting alongside the Sky Tower.

A new 50-level hotel and residential property is set to join Auckland’s city skyline.

A team of architects from Melbourne’s Woods Bagot and New Zealand-based Peddle Thorp were chosen as winners of an international competition deciding who would design the hotel on Federal St, just a block away from the Sky Tower.

Other finalists in the competition included Warren and Mahoney, Cox Architecture, Elenberg Fraser, and Zaha Hadid Architects.

“Inspired by New Zealand’s extraordinary geology and fauna, this will be a simple, confident building form on the city skyline that also provides a companion to the existing Sky Tower,” said Peter Miglis, principal and design leader, Woods Bagot.

“We asked ourselves the questions: can the ground plan of a private development be open, inclusive and generous in spirit? We think it can.”

Artist's impression of the building street level.

The architects explained that while the building would become a defining piece of Auckland’s skyline, the street around it needed some development as well.

“Federal Street is already a destination for the public within Auckland’s CBD, and that will only be enhanced through its transformation into a pedestrian-focused laneway. A building’s character at street level is just as important as its impression on the skyline,” said Richard Goldie, director, Peddle Thorp.

The tower will reach 180-metres tall, only a few metres shorter than Auckland’s tallest current development, the Seascape in Customs Street, which incidentally is also designed by Peddle Thorp.

The development aims to be completed by the end of 2022.