James Dunlop workers looking at textiles.

James Dunlop can trace its lineage through a dynasty of merchants and freemen who worked near Scotland’s border with England, producing the fabrics for which the tiny country is legendary.

The company as it exists today, however, was founded in the bustling maritime port of Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1907, as a supplier of European fabrics.

More than a century later, it’s still family owned and run by the fourth generation of Dunlop’s but has grown into a global textile wholesaler with a focus on sustainable textiles and a standard of customer service that has won the company accolades from interior designers and international retail customers alike.

Working with sustainable textile mills around the world allows the company to produce beautifully designed and innovative upholstery, drapery and wall-coverings for use in both the residential and commercial spheres.

Working alongside commercial clients to create stunning spaces is a vibrant and significant part of James Dunlop’s mission.

James Dunlop has dedicated commercial teams providing expertise and support to clients, designers and architects working on hotel and hospitality projects in New Zealand and around the world, whether it be a refurbishment or new development.

These teams are the company’s knowledge bank, providing a complete package in guiding the selection of textiles for walls, windows and furniture to ensure each is fir for purpose, meets the client brief and contributes to the design qualities of any commercial space.

Alongside its core range of textiles, James Dunlop also produces high, performance products for commercial specifications, including decorative, multi-purpose FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics, fade-resistant UV Pro and FibreGuard, a high-quality, stain-resistant fabric available in a wide range of designs and fabric types.

For more information please contact the James Dunlop commercial team on 029 771 1786, email commercialteam@jamesdunloptextiles.com or visit www.jamesdunloptextiles.com.