Harry and Meghan walking into a plane.

With Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan visiting New Zealand, fans have been flocking from all across the country to see the royal couple.

Visiting Rotorua this week in particular has brought a lot of attention to the area, as well as a lot of visitors and an increased tourism spend.

“We can’t put a figure on it yet, but it is expected that through the exposure Rotorua is receiving we will attract more visitors and events, including business events, and will increase confidence in our district as a good place to invest and do business. There’s a real opportunity now for the wider local business community to maximise the benefits from the royal visit,” said Steve Chadwick, Mayor of the Rotorua Lakes District.

“You cannot put a dollar value on the type of promotion big occasions like this provide and we look forward to sharing what Rotorua has to offer with visitors who are likely to follow in the royal’s footsteps. This will also benefit our ability to attract investors and more events, including business events.”

Rotorua Association of Motels’ chairwoman Shelley Hobson-Powell said accommodation in the city was close to full and the case would be similar with Airbnb.