Trivago shows hotel prices drop in Europe

River across Berlin.

Hotel room prices have dropped in almost all European cities according to the trivago Hotel Price Index.

Berlin was the city in Europe with the sharpest month-on-month average hotel price decrease, dropping 23 percent to €96 (NZD$162) per night.

Worldwide, Vancouver recorded the most significant decrease of all the 50 cities listed on the tHPI, falling 29 percent to €132 (NZD$222).

Across the index, Madrid was the only European city to increase for a standard double room in October, rising 6 percent to €110 (NZD$185).

Year-on-year, Lima had the lowest average hotel price, going for €45 (NZD$76) per night, 12 percent lower than it was October last year. Moscow also reach a yearly low at €55 (NZD$93) per night, an 18 percent drop.

The highest increases compared to September were in Dubai which rose 30 percent to €172 (NZD$290), Marrakesh which had year-on-year and month-on-month growth of 19 percent, and Hong Kong which rose 15 percent from last month, making its average €141 (NZD$238) per night.