Travel search engine Skyscanner is now focusing on the corporate travel world with a new tool that aims to farewell expensive travel agents.

The TravelPro service acts like a business travel planning service so that a user, or multiple users, can search for flights and hotel options for a trip. They can then put into a workflow for approval and booking by a designated employee of an organisation, working by way of both a desktop and mobile service.

The company, based in Scotland, said the search, save, sharing and user interface “removes the hassle of travel options lost in inboxes, screen prints of flights and hotels, confusion over travel policies and over-spent travel budgets”.

The service is targeted at small to medium sized companies to reduce money and time spent on travel planning and booking.

Ross McNairn, the project’s head, said TravelPro will save 30 minutes of planning time per trip, plus the 5-10 percent fees of a travel agent.