Guests staying at BC hotels can now have a beer when they order late-night room service, thanks to a new change to BC’s liquor laws that have just come into effect.

Businesses, hotels, resorts and other overnight accommodation spots in the province can now deliver liquor to guests by room service 24 hours a day, as long as food is also available, the Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction said.

Before the change, hotels could only deliver liquor by room service when the bar was also open.

“These changes mean that anyone visiting British Columbia, on a weekend getaway or traveling for business, can enjoy the convenience of a glass of their favourite wine at their hotel with a late-night snack,” David MacKenzie, president and chair of the BC Hotel Association said.

“We are pleased to see government supporting the hospitality industry and increased consumer choice.”

Under the new policy, the licensed provider offering the room service must be located in the same building that offers the overnight accommodation. Liquor can also only be delivered to registered guests.

Poma Dhaliwal, president of the Alliance of Beverage Licensees, applauded the announcement, describing the move as “reflective of the common-sense policy changes” for which the group has long advocated.

The change is part of BC’s liquor policy review, which is attempting to modernise and loosen restrictions previously put in place by the province’s out dated liquor laws.

So far, 39 of the 73 recommendations have been implemented, including allowing liquor sales at farmers’ markets and permitting bars and restaurants to offer happy hour specials, among other changes.