Premium vanilla grower and producer Heilala Vanilla, has launched a new alcohol-free pure vanilla product. Developed in conjunction with Massey University food technologists, the Alcohol-Free Vanilla with Seeds offers exceptional flavour and aroma while meeting the demands of customers who wish to avoid products containing alcohol.

“There is an increasing number of companies and home cooks who want to avoid alcohol, so we saw this as an opportunity to create a high-quality, pure vanilla solution,” said Heilala Vanilla director Jennifer Boggiss.

“We worked with Massey University to come up with a way to create this new product while also maintaining rich, complex flavour Heilala Vanilla is renowned for.”

The unique extraction process uses water and vegetable glycerine rather than the traditional method of using water and alcohol.

Developing new and innovative 100 percent pure vanilla products is a key focus for the company. Boggiss said there are several alcohol-free vanilla products currently available in other countries, however, they don’t contain vanilla seeds.

“In the early stages of developing this product, our market research found being able to see actual vanilla seeds when using the product was just as important as the flavour.”

The Alcohol-Free Vanilla with Seeds is suitable for baking, desserts and puddings. The vanilla flavour and aroma also comes through in any dairy products including milk, yoghurt and ice cream.

The product already has the seal of approval from the pastry chefs at London’s premium doughnut shop, Crosstown Doughnuts. Since opening its doors in 2014, Crosstown Doughnuts has quickly gained a huge following in London.

“We are very proud that Heilala Vanilla products are being used in their amazing vanilla glazed doughnuts, which are sold in Selfridges, Wholefoods and on Air New Zealand Business and Premium flights from London to Los Angeles.”

Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla