A record number of cafes and restaurants signed up for this year’s NZ Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Ribbon Breakfast fundraiser with a total of 233 establishments finding creative ways to serve breakfast in support of breast cancer research in May.

Participants ranged from chains like Robert Harris, which raised $50,000 from a donation of 10 percent of all breakfast sales plus customer donations, to small businesses that put their heart and soul into one-off events.

The top individual fundraiser was Mama Hooch in Christchurch, which raised a whopping $13,560 from its event, up from $10,000 last year. Next was Jack’s Point Clubhouse and Restaurant, near Queenstown, with a total of $10,512. In third place was Grangers Tap House and Kitchen in Auckland’s Half Moon Bay, a long time supporter of Pint Ribbon Breakfast, raised $7,800.

Sierra Café group again provided a boost to the total, participating for a third year with its specially designed pink take-out cups.

“All up, hospitality raised $200,000 for breast cancer research – it’s a huge sum, and we’re already putting it to good use,” said Evangelia Henderson, chief executive at the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. “Research and clinical trials have underpinned every single advance in breast cancer treatment, and for survival to improve further, we need to keep going. We’re so grateful to all the cafes and restaurants that signed up for Pink Ribbon Breakfast.”

Many restaurants organise one-off events, often with suppliers donating food and beverages, and staff donating their time, maximising the funds raised for the cause. Others donate a percentage of takings across the board, or on selected menu items.

The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation encourages hosts to get creative and find a way to help that works for them. Anyone interested in hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast in May 2017 can email NZBCF corporate fundraising manager Amylouise Miller on