Research Shows Kiwis Drinking More Water, Less Soft Drinks

Photo: NZBC

A new Nielsen report commissioned by the New Zealand Beverage Council shows that 53 percent of Kiwis are concerned about how much sugar they consume, and are taking steps to change it.
The report shows that low and no-calorie soft drink option sales have jumped by 67 percent from 2008-2016, and bottled water sales grew by 25 percent last year.
However, almost a third of Kiwis in the survey said they never drink soft drinks.
Olly Munro, President of the New Zealand Beverage Council, argued the report casts doubt on whether a “soda tax” on soft drinks is necessary.
“Despite a 4.2% decrease in consumption of regular soft drinks since 2010, we see obesity levels in this country continuing to rise. That means there are clearly other factors at play.” He said.
Munro believes the new research adds balance to the discussion on how to combat child obesity.
“The story this is telling is that soft drink as a single product – yes, some of which contains sugar – should not be made into public enemy number one.”