Strong international demand for package bookings to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands has been reported in the latest data from Expedia group, the world’s largest travel company. The data for the first half of 2016 highlights a 35 percent increase in international demand for New Zealand and Pacific Island packages, compared with last year. Last year alone, the Expedia group sold 7.1 million packages globally. Typically, combining multiple products together, such as air, car and hotel create packages. In addition to providing ease of booking and convenience, packages allow travellers to save money.

“Package bookings are attractive to lodging partners as they are a great way for hotels to build a strong base of customers without eroding their retail rates,” said director market management for Expedia new Zealand and Pacific Islands, Teresa Matheson. “We know that travellers who are booking holiday packages book their trips further in advance and stay longer, that has a direct impact on hoteliers’ bottom lines. Our global network allows operators to partner with well-established providers to attract these forward-planning travellers.”