Unovent is a cost-effective ventilation system which combats humidity and condensation to improve the air quality in living spaces, as well as keeping them warm. It works by extracting dry air from roof cavities and pulling it into the rooms below, creating a drier and healthier atmosphere. Simple to install, Unovent has individual ductless outlets, each with its own fan and washable filter. Tried and tested for the New Zealand climate, Unovent has a fully automated humidity and temperature control, meaning no adjustments will ever be required. Unovent can do even more in conjunction with its related products. The Unobrain controller can turn the ventilation on and off whilst Unosola allows Unovent to run on solar power, which is not only better for the environment but also keeps electrical costs down. The low maintenance product also comes with a lifetime warranty. For further information visit www.unovent.co.nz