LeasePlus was founded by dtr New Zealand to meet the needs of business owners in the accommodation and hospitality sector. In June 2017, Earl Stevens and Tony Hannon purchased the business and since then LeasePlus has been operating successfully as a standalone business. At the core of LeasePlus is over 40 years of successful business building experience, coupled with attentive customer service.

“We want to enable businesses to be the best they can be,” explained Earl Stevens, managing director. “When we purchased LeasePlus we re-examined our core business and are providing customers with what they need.”

LeasePlus is focused on helping customers thrive, not just by helping to finance their vision, but by offering new thinking and an extensive product choice that will help drive their business. LeasePlus offers a straightforward, innovative and friendly service that cuts through the clutter and delivers the products with effective and flexible financing solutions.

After an initial fact-finding conversation with clients, LeasePlus visits the site to determine in more detail how best leasing can help the client. LeasePlus will discuss the best product solutions, helping customers choose from their preferred brands and suppliers and getting them the best deals.

LeasePlus offers products such as kitchen and laundry equipment, televisions, computers, audio systems, furniture, cleaning equipment and also equipment for conference facilities like projectors and touchscreens.

The benefits of leasing are clear, explained Stevens. “The total refurbishment of a room with LeasePlus can be as low as $83 a month, which can have a flow on effect and result in an extra $7,500 income per room per year.”

There is no large capital sum outlay, and small monthly payments also improve cashflow. Leasing also protects a business from the risk of asset obsolescence so users can keep up to date with customer expectations. A less obvious advantage of leasing is tax deductions – LeasePlus will guide clients through the tax advantages and efficiencies.

When a business owner selects an operating lease, LeasePlus will take care of the installation and ongoing service of the equipment. If the equipment breaks down or malfunctions then LeasePlus will assess the best course of action from on-site repair, to loan equipment, to complete replacement. The service also includes all equipment transport. At the end of an operating lease, a business can replace the item with a new model to keep themselves at the leading edge of customer appeal.

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