Monteith’s new American Pale Ale

Monteith’s has released a new American Pale Ale that takes a unique approach to a classic beverage. The beer is filled with a combination of Pacific Jade, U.S. Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops giving the brew a distinct international character. According to Rob Marshall, head brewer at Monteith’s Brewing Co., the new drink has been inspired by the evolving tastes and preferences of Kiwi beer drinkers.

“Monteith’s first produced its last APA back in 2014, and the craft market in New Zealand has matured significantly over this time. Many beer drinkers are now keen to explore brews that deliver more intense flavours and aromas, especially from American hop varieties.”

“The Patriot” APA will replace the existing Monteith’s Pale Ale and will be available in 6-packs of 330mL immediately, with the 12-pack to follow in March.