Summer heat increases sparkling water consumption

This summer has been filled with record temperatures—Hamilton and Wellington both reaching the highest ever recorded temperature on the same day. Lasting heat has lead to an increase in consumption of sparkling water. SodaStream, who have supplied sparkling water machines to over 400,000 Kiwi homes said that their use increased 27 percent since January of last year.

SodaStream NZ spokesperson, Shannon Zaloum said their 2018 data suggests Kiwis consumed around 24.5 million litres of sparkling water which they made themselves. During January alone, they drank around 472,000 litres more than the same time last year. Since 2014, SodaStream’s analysis suggested that local consumption of sparkling water has more than doubled, with 30 percent of all Kiwi families now making beverages this way.

“Global consumption of sparkling water is expected to continue to grow over the next five years, but we expect New Zealand to continue to outpace this as more consumers see the environmental and health benefits of making sparkling water at home.”