Leasing for the Future

Each new year brings a whole new bunch of aspirational people to the gym, going running in the morning or trying to eat healthier to improve themselves. It is no different for accommodation providers who have the opportunity to reflect on weak areas or elements that can be improved. For instance, those TVs that you bought in the early 2010s are starting to look dated, and guests definitely notice.

Keeping your property up to date is difficult but it’s also important because if you’re not upgrading, everybody else will overtake you. New Zealand has a 50 percent increase in room inventory expected in the five biggest hotel centres by 2022, meaning there will be more competition, and a higher standard will be expected. Most hotels refurb every three years now, making it more expensive than ever before.

The alternative to buying an overhaul of new items every year with a very expensive outlay is to lease.

The clear benefit of leasing is conserving capital. Buying beds, televisions, tables, kitchen equipment and everything else adds up to a lot of money very quickly.

At LeasePlus, a room refurb can cost as little as $83 a month, with no big capital outlay.

When you lease, you can upgrade more frequently and whenever it suits, rather than when capital is available. Leasing means you don’t have to bear the expense of the upgrade, meaning you can upgrade every year rather than saving up for a big refresh every half a decade. With technology moving and evolving at an unprecedented speed, LeasePlus protects accommodation operators from the risk of asset obsolescence and gives them a chance to be ahead, rather than catching up to everybody else.

The benefits also ring true for maintenance. When you lease you aren’t responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the furniture. If something breaks, LeasePlus will fix, replace or upgrade it.

It’s not just noticeable things like the bedroom and lounge furniture, and TV screens that make an impact on the guest experience. Behind the scenes, often replaced items like freezers and cookware are just as important to update.

If even now, after New Year’s has come and gone, and the extended summer season is just too busy to commit to a fresh up, the quieter season is just around the corner and is another perfect chance to catch up. With reduced occupancies, traditionally hoteliers have a little bit of downtime to prepare for the following year and stay ahead of the curve.

LeasePlus is there to help accommodation and hospitality businesses achieve their visions, offering customers new and upgraded fit-outs for only a small cost each month rather than one big outlay.

For more information call 0800 800 325 or email sales@leaseplus.co.nz