Airbnb outsold the big chains in 2018

Airbnb app in a room.

Airbnb is getting close to becoming the United States’ biggest hospitality industry player. According to data analysis company Second Measure, Airbnb’s annual 2018 sales in the US surpassed Hilton’s as well as IHG’s, and is quickly gaining on Marriott.

Annual sales at Airbnb have increased twelvefold from 2013 to 2018 and tripled in the past three years.

The data also showed that Airbnb customers are more likely to return to the platform each year than the average customer of the top three hotel brands. Furthermore, 12 percent of major hotel customers also made a booking with Airbnb in 2018.

Against its competition in the peer-to-peer rental market, Airbnb started with nearly equivalent annual sales to HomeAway from 2012 to 2014. However, Airbnb has since soared far ahead.