Taking responsibility with sustainability

Vendella pillow.

Making sure the accommodation industry uses quality sustainable products is core to Vendella’s operations.

“To us, sustainability involves everything from our recycling efforts to our tree planting programme to ensuring our manufacturing and sourcing connections are ethical and environmentally proactive,” said Luke Brodie, general manager, Vendella.

At Vendella, the Innovation and Development team have a strong emphasis on bringing products and services to the industry that have a sustainable and environmental edge.

For example, Vendella’s ‘Dream900’ pillow is made from the recycled plastic of 22 plastic bottles. This means that if a hotel were to refurbish 200 pillows with the Dream900 they would be saving 4,400 plastic bottles from entering the landfill.

“We’re incorporating recycled plastic into more of our bedding ranges, we’re changing our packaging from plastic to cotton and we’re making our operations more effective and productive which lowers our environmental impact.”

Each small change adds up, as it’s important for the hospitality industry in New Zealand to set an example and help live up to the ‘clean green’ image the country has set.

“While around 60 percent of guest nights are made up of local travellers, the rest are from around the globe. Our international guests see New Zealand as a pristine country, so for the future of our own industry, we have a responsibility to do our bit to meet expectations,” said Brodie.

The accommodation industry is just as responsible for its environmental impact as any other sector.

“It’s easy to look at the farming industry and talk about how damaging it is to our environment, but maybe hospitality has become just as damaging without us realising it. Some damage is obvious, some is subtle.”

If you want a sustainable future that is environmentally conscious, Vendella is on the same page.

To learn more about Vendella call 0800 806 335 or visit www.vendella.co.nz.