A new start-up by two Purdue Polytechnic Students intent on bringing an end to long-winded laundry services has been trialled in sixteen hotels across the USA.

Presso constructs and installs vending machines which clean and steam clothes in 3-7 minutes. The machines use 100 times less water and three times less electricity per garment than regular laundry services, according to co-founder Thibault Corens.

The system is being trialled at sixteen Holiday Inns in the midwest. It costs a fraction of regular laundry charges and accepts card payment. Presso uses a combination of steam, a non-toxic cleaning liquid, and air-drying. It avoids using perchloroethylene, or PERC, a common chemical in laundry services which the EPA has classified as a likely carcinogen.

Presso's intention is not to replace hotel laundry services entirely, but to provide a quick and easy alternative for smaller loads. "People have both microwave and ovens," co-founder Nishant Jain told the Purdue Research Foundation News, "but microwaves are the ones you go to more often because they are quick."