Airbnb has been promoting a giant, beagle-shaped hotel in Idaho, in celebration of the USA's National Dog Day.

Named the Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, the hotel is colloquially known as Sweet Willy by residents of the local settlement of Cottonwood.

The two-bedroom property, which also features a dog-themed interior as well as dog-themed books, games, and puzzles, is available on Airbnb for US$132 per night, and is already fully-booked until April 2020.

It boasts expansive views of prairie grain fields and the surrounding mountains. Nextdoor to the hotel, a visitor centre and gift shop offer canine carvings made with a chainsaw by the owners.

"Stay inside a beagle-shaped building with comfort and a unique style," says the Airbnb listing. "Cozy up with selections from our library of books, games & puzzles many of which are dog themed. Light snacking foods and in-the-dog breakfast is included. Wi-Fi if needed."