Ham family - Paul, Ton, Beatrix, Kathryn.

Renowned winery Alpha Domus is celebrating 30 years in the wine industry and using this milestone as a springboard to implement a range of refreshments. Included in the refreshing is a sleek new branding and reimagined colour palette, as well as the return of their Cumulus Méthode Traditionelle.

“For us, the landscape of our wine brand is just not what surrounds it but what flies above it—we have the historic Bridge Pa aerodrome close by and the magical Moths. They represent adventure, romance, endurance, heritage—something well made. These are all qualities that resonate with the brand and Alpha Domus wines,” said Paul Ham, Alpha Domus’ managing director.

“Thirty years is quite an achievement for a New Zealand owned independent wine brand like ours. This year, we’re particularly excited to see the return of our distinctive handcrafted Cumulus. It was first picked and produced in 2000, and it’s now more popular than ever, as demand for quality sparkling wines increases. For many, it’s a wine that is synonymous with celebration—and is something very special,” said Ham.

As Alpha Domus moves towards the future, they hope to continue to produce their iconic varietals that work beautifully in the soil. “Good wine starts on the vine, and the care that goes into the growing of our grapes,” said winemaker Barry Riwai. “This is minimal intervention winemaking and letting the vineyard expression shine through into the bottle. For the reds, it’s the soft tannin and floral life on the nose. The whites have generous ripeness while still maintaining great, delicious acidity.”