Often, it’s the little touches that matter. Good tea and coffee making facilities can be the difference between an adequate guest experience and an excellent one.

From budget to boutique, providing tired or jetlagged guests with all they need to brew up a hot drink in their room can help create the impression of hospitality at your hotel, leading to repeat business and great reviews.

Coffex Pods

The Coffex Coffee Nespresso Compatible Capsule range was produced following extensive taste-testing.

Available in three different flavours: Strong, a bold, flavourful blend; Medium, for a mild and smooth cup of coffee; and NoCaf, which features premium decaffeinated coffee.

Each box comes generously packed with ten capsules.

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The place where Arabica and Robusta beans meet for a rounded, balanced flavour is Moccona Medium Roast, a happy medium for coffee lovers. It's full-bodied, richly aromatic, and just right for guest’s everyday coffee moment.


Two of Nespresso’s most popular limited-edition coffee capsules have returned – Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Trieste.

Back by popular demand, these two special blends are inspired by Italian coffee culture. Tribute to Milano is an aromatic blend inspired by the hustle and bustle of Milan, while Tribute to Trieste is an intensely roasted reflection of the rich culture of the lesser-known city of Trieste.

Suitable for any Nespresso-compatible coffee pod machine, these blends offer guests a sophisticated and indulgent in-room coffee experience.