Renowned Marlborough tourism industry stalwarts Sue and Chris Godsiff have announced their retirement and the sale of their shareholding in Marlborough Tour Company.

"Sue and Chris have done a phenomenal job over a long period of time building the company to where we can now springboard into the future," said company director Dennis Burkhart.

"The Godsiff connection will continue on with Chris and Sue's sons Ryan and Ben on staff."

Nikki de Reeper and Scott McKenzie will continue as general managers of lodges, HR, & finance, and sales & marketing respectively. They will soon be joined by a new CEO.

"It's been a huge part of our life and lifestyle for over 25 years and throughout that time it has always been about the people and our region," said Chris Godsiff. "It’s a hard decision, but one that has to be made to get on and enjoy some retirement."

Chris and Sue Godsiff were both born and bred in Marlborough, as were their parents and grandparents before that.

"This long line of family connection to the region and a total commitment to quality service defines us as Marlborough’s premium tour company," said Chris.