A New Zealand bank is offering support to customers financially affected by the global outbreak of coronavirus.

Westpac NZ has created a relief package that features a range of possible support options for both business and personal customers. These may include a temporary overdraft facility, a suspension of principle loan payments for up to three months, or deferred payment on business credit cards for up to three months.

Westpac NZ General Manager of Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Simon Power, said the disruption to travel and trade caused by coronavirus has affected a range of New Zealand businesses.

"The outbreak has caused a lot of uncertainty in some industries, and it's unclear when business might resume as normal," Power said. "We want our customers in logging, tourism, hospitality and other affected sectors to know that there is a range of ways we can support them through this period.”

Anyone who has been affected should call Westpac to discuss their individual needs or drop into a branch in person.