Getting the short-end of the stick: Online Travel Brands

Online travel agencies, platforms and brands such as Trip Advisor, Skyscanner, and much more are expressing their concerns in terms of gaining help and support from the European Commission at such an uncertain time.

Traditional travel industry players such as hotels and airlines are well looked after. However, everyone in the leisure and the business travel scope should be carefully considered, rather than left out.

EU Travel Tech, a lobbying organisation which includes brands mentioned above, has stated that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted society and the economy.

The EU should provide efficient and immediate support for brands working behind the scene, expresses EU Travel Tech.

"This means policies that support the entire travel ecosystem, including travel agents, technology solutions providers such as global distribution systems, travel platforms for accommodation, metasearch and travel management companies."

The entire travel and tourism industry has been struck, and those who aren't as consumer-facing as others are equally in need of a helping hand from the government.