Designing a Space – À La Distance

Pocketspace Interiors is a successful interior design firm based in Auckland that specialises in innovative and strategically creative interior design solutions for the challenges of small spaces in both residential homes and commercial workspaces.

Laura Heynike, owner of Pocketspace Interiors and her team combine their expert understanding of construction and materiality together with their knowledge of the latest innovations in storage and functionality to create custom solutions to design problems. Heynike and the team design with efficiency in mind and no space are too small – or too big.

Heynike and her team created and launched Clkspace during the COVID-19 lockdown in recognition of clients’ needs to continue planning their residential or commercial without leaving the comfort and safety of their bubble.

Clkspace is your own personal interior designer, in a more convenient, accessible and affordable way than ever before.   

The process to create your new space with Clkspace is easy, just snap, send, shop and style. Snap photos of the areas in your home that you’d like to makeover, send them to the experienced team at Clkspace, they’ll send you back their recommendations, then, it’s time for the fun part – shop for your new look and style space as designed. An Inspo Hub full of featured products, trends and useful tips on how to style your space is also available.

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