To be situated on Hood Street, Hamilton, details of the new 67-room hotel development are remaining hush. Levin Da Costa, the project developer said he is eager to help address the need for a more high-end hotel in Hamilton. While the cost of the build has not been revealed it has been confirmed by Sarah Powell, project leader at Da Costa’s firm Ultimate Global Group, that it is “in the general area” of $30 million. The development includes a restaurant on the ground floor, and office space on the first floor.

“We are just thrilled about the opportunity to be part of a rejuvenated central business district,” Powell explained. “We are excited, but it is a calm excitement, given that there is a lot to be worked through in the post-Covid environment.”

Before the pandemic, the had planned to start the luxury build in October, and still remain confident that works can start in late Spring or early Summer. An operator for the hotel is still to be found, but Powell and her team is confident one will be secured soon.

The location of the development has a theatre up the road and Union Square nearby. The deputy mayor Geoff Taylor added that the new hotel will compliment their central city plans to develop the Waikato Museum up to Victoria on the river.

“The design looks really attractive,” added Deputy mayor Geoff Taylor. “We think it is going to fit in quite well, and inject a bit of life into Hood St.”