Current Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Will Need Someone To Fill His Shoes

Current Chief Executive of Tourism New Zealand, Stephen England-Hall has announced that he will be leaving his position at the company.

During his time as Chief Executive, he has advocated for a tourism sector that gives back more than it takes for the community and its people. England-Hall is confident that over the past four years, the tourism sector should be very proud of how much it has given back.

In January 2021, England-Hall will be relocating with his family to Queenstown and joining Wayfare Group. Therefore, although England-Hall will be leaving Tourism New Zealand he will still be within the industry in which he is most passionate about.

"Tourism is critical to New Zealand's recovery and I am pleased to be staying in the tourism family to continue supporting the sector," noted England-Hall.

"I am incredibly proud of the team at Tourism New Zealand, they're in a fantastic place with a firm focus on encouraging domestic visitation to support New Zealand's recovery."

The Tourism New Zealand board will appoint an acting Chief Executive who will cover the role from January until they appoint a permanent replacement.